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Yeah, right. You've heard that one before. Sceptical? Nobody can blame you. Free stuff is either rubbish or there's a catch.

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Of all the available lifestyle software programs on the market, you will find that BodyByte is the easiest, most powerful to use. And best of all, it's FREE - no kidding!

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How to ENSURE the success of your

weight loss and sports training.... for FREE!

Do you need to lose weight, increase your fitness or make important do-or-die lifestyle changes? Or are you a training athlete or sports coach?  BodyByte provides all the necessary tools and feedback to streamline any sports training or lifestyle change programme. No matter who you are - get going with BodyByte and experience the difference!

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BodyByte Version 6 Released

The latest release of BodyByte is version 6, which has been given an extensive workover and facelift with more engaging and improved ergonomics. BodyByte is still the easiest, most potent program of its kind you'll find anywhere. The power and functionality of BodyByte is superior to the vast majority of paid programs on the market, something completely unheard of in terms of a free product.

Existing users please note that with the release of version 6, you won't be able to continue activating previous versions of BodyByte. There are literally hundreds of download sites worldwide which are carrying previous versions of BodyByte for downloading, and it usually takes a long time for them to update their information. But no fear - When you try to activate a previous version, you'll get a web page with a message and link to direct you to the latest download version. As before, when updating your software to the latest version, your existing Activation Code will continue to work and you won't need to re-activate.

Free resource for schools & training institutions

BodyByte is particularly suited and ideal to be used by schools and training institutions as an educational tool, as well as a free resource for sports training and sports nutrition at all levels. Already used by numerous universities, colleges and schools, nobody has an excuse not to do it right anymore. Join the winners and get on top of things!

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Click on the thumbs below to view high-resolution sample screenshot images of only a few of many BodyByte program pages, opened in a separate window. You will see that the only requirement for you to be able to use all the powerful features of BodyByte, is that you can read. BodyByte tells you exactly what to do and how to do it, every step along the way.